Exam board: AQA (TBC)

Curriculum Content in each year:

Year 12: Students will study Families and Households and Research Methods, followed by Education with Methods in context. The Families and Households unit enables you to understand the diversity of society, and how family life is structured and is changing. The Research Methods topic allows you to develop your sociological investigation skills, and assess how sociological studies and research are carried out. Education with methods in context, develops an understanding of the education system in the UK and how success can be shaped by your gender, class and ethnicity – and analyses how best sociologists can study schools, lessons and students’ views.

Year 13:  Has two more units – Beliefs in Society, and Crime and Deviance with theory and methods. The first unit, Beliefs in Society, explores why people join religious groups and why there is a worldwide decline in mainstream religion but an increase in fundamentalism, and looks at the role and impact of religion within our society. The last unit, Crime and Deviance, will examine the issues which arise in society when people fail to follow the rules, and explores the reasons which may lie behind criminality. This section also involves looking at Research methods in context, and the potential difficulties in studying crime for Sociologists.

How it will be taught:

The subject is taught through lectures, group-work, research, discussions, presentations and role-play. As you study sociology you will learn about all types of social relationships people share with each other; in families, communities, schools and the work place.


Exams will take place at the end of Year 13, though mocks will take place towards the end of Year 12 as well. In Year 13, there will be three examinations.

  • Paper 1 – Education
  • Paper 2 – Families and Households, and Beliefs in Society
  • Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance

There will be questions in all three papers on research methods.

Specific entry requirements:

English GCSE grade 6+

Future opportunities:

Sociology is a subject which allows you to look at the society you are part of in different ways. It is particularly useful for many professions including medicine, education, the media, journalism, law, PR, marketing, social research, politics, teaching, social work, nursing and business where knowledge of society is required.


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