Exam board: Edexcel(TBC)

Curriculum Content in each year:

The topics we will cover are:

Social Psychology– Obedience, Prejudice, Issues & Debates

Cognitive Psychology-Memory, Issues & Debates

Biological Psychology– Aggression, Brain functioning, nervous system and neurotransmitter functioning, Issues & Debates

Learning Theories– Conditioning, Social learning theory, Phobias, Issues & Debates

Clinical PsychologyAbnormality, Schizophrenia and one from anorexia, OCD or unipolar depression DSM, Issues in diagnosis, Treatment for disorders, Issues and debates

Criminological Psychology– Jury decision making, Eye witness testimony, Causes and treatments of crime. Issues and debates.

You will also study research methods and use mathematical skills.

How it will be taught:

The subject is taught through lectures, group-work, practical projects, research, discussions, presentations and role-play. As you study psychology you will begin to understand the factors that affect your behaviour, you will learn about yourself and why you do the things you do. It can teach you about the ways people interact in social situations and give you a better understanding of your own feelings and attitudes. You will also learn techniques that may help you study more effectively.


Paper 1: Foundations of Psychology. Social, Cognitive, Biological and Learning 90 marks, 2 hour exam, 35% of qualification

Paper 2: Applications of Psychology. Clinical and either Criminological/Child/ Health 90 marks, 2 hour exam, 35% of qualification

Paper 3: Psychological Skills. Review of Methodology, Review of studies and Review of Issues and Debates. 80 marks, 2 hour exam, 30% of qualification.

Specific entry requirements:

GCSE Science grade 6+

Future opportunities: Psychology is attractive to all employment and areas of work involving human resources. Psychology instils skills in research, analysis, communication and organisation. It is relevant to those interested in Psychology at degree level, but also popular and useful for those who plan to follow other paths. Psychology can lead to careers in Crime & Forensics, Health and Clinical, Sport and Educational Psychology.


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