Exam board: AQA

Curriculum Content:

  • Physical geography: Water and Carbon cycles, Coastal systems and Hazards
  • Human geography: Global systems and global governance. Changing places and urban environment or Populations and Environments.
  • Geography investigation

How it will be taught:

You will develop investigative skills from the conception of an idea through to evaluation of a whole project. You will evaluate and analyse geographical models and theories. Formulating a reasoned argument using data and your own views will be a key developing skill.

A-Level Geography includes a 3000-4000 word geographical investigation. This is worth 20% of the A-Level and is completed in lessons and independent study time. 
In order to fulfil requirements for the coursework, 4 days of fieldwork study is expected, where students can design, collect and collate data required for their investigations.


2 x 2 1/2 hours exams each worth 40% each. Plus a geographical investigation worth 20%, which is marked and submitted in the spring term of Year 13.

Specific entry requirements:

Grade 5+ in Geography

Future opportunities:

Geography is a highly valued qualification by universities and employers. It incorporates both sciences and the arts and shows a student’s wide range of analytical skills. There are a wide variety of career choices such as sustainability, urban planning, meteorology, the tourist industry, marketing, climate change and natural disaster management.


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