Dress Code

Smart suit with trousers/skirt
Formal shirt or blouse
Smart Shoes
Tie for Male students


In the cold weather, students may wear a plain dark cardigan or V-neck jumper under their jacket.

  • Piercings – Maximum of one stud in each ear. No other visible piercings or ear spacers.
  • Hair – Natural hair colour. Extreme hair styles are not allowed.
  • Make-up – Must look natural and not applied to excess.
  • Nails- acrylic or false nails are not appropriate for school
  • Tattoos – Must not be on show at school.
  • Coats – Denim or hooded tops are not allowed.
  • Skirts, dresses or trousers that are judged too short or tight are not permitted.
  • Denim, lycra or stretch material are not allowed.
  • A shirt or blouse that is judged as low cut, cropped, transparent or revealing is not allowed.
  • Jeans/shorts/leggings/chinos/cropped trousers are not allowed.
  • Shoes should be appropriate for school- – no trainers/canvas shoes or heels.

Students should adhere to this dress code to avoid unnecessary conversations about their appearance so that a focus can remain on their learning.

The school is happy to support students in wearing items, which relate to culture or religionIt will be appreciated that there cannot be endless arguments about dress, and the school’s decision on whether appearance is appropriate for school or not must be the final one.  Students whose appearance is not appropriate for school may be sent home and asked to change.


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