6th form day:

0840               mentor time

0905               period 1

1005               period 2

1105               break

1125               period 3

1225               period 4

1325               lunch

1400               period 5

1500               OOSHL/ enrichment/ additional study

Year 12 students are expected to be in school for the full school day.

Year 13 students (who are on track to achieve their target grades will be offered a personalised timetable).


Students are expected to wear business dress. This comprises of:

  • Boys: Suit (matching trousers & jacket) with shirt and tie
  • Girls: Suit (matching trousers/ skirt & jacket) with blouse/ shirt/ smart top


  • Most will take place in main school

6th Form Centre

Our 6th Form Centre will include (TBC):

  • Admin support and leadership
  • A staffed study centre with computer availability
  • Additional teaching spaces and mentor rooms
  • 6th form Bistro and eating area
  • Free wifi
  • Silent work room

Pastoral System

Students will be part of a vertical college system with years 12 & 13 in the same mentor groups

Pastoral activities will include weekly:

  • Mentor programme including ‘character’ education
  • Assemblies
  • Baraza (student voice)

Support for medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine


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